Hater Sauce Small Lube


Modern paintball guns are more reliable and durable than ever, thanks in no small part to their ingenious designs. But those designs still contain moving parts and essential o-rings and seals that must be clean and lubricated in order to function properly! Exalt Hater Sauce is a synthetic paintball grease that is an ideal lube for paintball guns requiring grease instead of oil for lubrication, and is specially formulated to reduce friction in moving parts and regulators for improved paintball gun operation! Low friction and able to resist becoming runny to stay on the o-rings and parts on which it is applied, Hater Sauce paintball gun lube helps prevent bolt stick and first shot drop-off and will help ensure o-rings stay lubricated for proper paintball gun function! 1 oz tub.

  • Lubricant for paintball guns requiring grease instead of oil
  • Specialty formulated to reduce friction
  • Stays on o-rings and critical parts longer
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