Marker Accessory - Exalt Marker Sleeve

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A paintball player’s paintball gun is often one of their most treasured and expensive investments! Protect that investment from dings and scratches while traveling to and from the paintball field with the Exalt Marker Sleeve! Available in “Modern” or “Classic” sizes to suit all types of modern paintball guns, the Exalt Marker Sleeve is a padded, zippered sleeve with internal microfiber to keep any paintball gun safe and sound in storage, in a gear bag or at the paintball field when not in use, and is a paintball gun accessory certain to pay its owner back by ensuring their paintball gun remains scratch and ding-free!
  • Zippered, padded protective paintball gun sleeve
  • Available in "Modern" or "Classic" sizes to suit most paintball guns
  • Internal microfiber to prevent scratches
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