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Transform the rugged, reliable and impressive-performing Planet Eclipse GTek paintball gun into the GMek with the addition of a replacement Eclipse GMek frame kit and go mechanical! This simple-to-install replacement grip frame kit for the Eclipse GTek is one of the most popular gun accessory kits available from Eclipse, as it converts the affordable electronic GTek into a mechanical paintball gun perfect for the rapidly growing mechanical paintball tournament scene while preserving the rest of the features players have come to love about their Eclipse paintball gun, like its consistent, reliable and simple Gamma core! The GMek is a FRAME ONLY kit that retro-fits the Eclipse GTEK. The GMek kit contains the Frame, Trigger Plate, Trigger Shoe, Trigger Spring, Trigger Screws and the Mechanical 3-Way that replaces the existing GTEK Solenoid.

*Ships Only within the United States
  • Mechanical replacement grip frame kit for the Eclipse GTek paintball gun!
  • Simple to install, includes all necessary parts
  • Converts the electronic GTek into a mechanical, battery-free GMek!
  • Ideal for use at mechanical paintball tournaments!
  • Built by the original manufacturer of the Planet Eclipse GTek, not an aftermarket part!
  • Available in black or green
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