First Strike T15 Mil-Spec Gas Thru Buffer Tube



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Keep your First Strike T15 carbine tactical and practical with a Mil-Spec gas-thru buffer tube! This gun accessory for the Tiberius FS T15 enables a mag-fed paintball shooter to run a remote line to their T15 paintball gun to increase shot count while keeping the weight of the bottle off the paintball gun, while ensuring the shooter can still use Mil-Spec adjustable shoulder stocks! A great First Strike gun accessory to improve the performance of the First Strike T15 while retaining their paintball gun’s AR authenticity, the First Strike Gas Thru Buffer Tube is a popular and high quality addition to the impressive T15 paintball gun!
  • Mil-Spec steel gas-thru buffer tube for First Strike T15 mag-fed carbine
  • Allows shooter to use a remote line air system
  • Allows shooter to use Mil-Spec AR shoulder stocks
  • 2 QD sling locations
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