Eclipse CS2 Pro Paintball Gun


The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro builds on what has become one of the most successful top-level tournament paintball guns ever made- the CS2. Used by some of the very best professional paintball teams and pro paintball players like San Antonio X-Factor, Infamous and Edmonton Impact, the Eclipse CS2 has earned a reputation as the weapon of choice for serious paintball tournament competitors in it for the big money. The CS2 Pro takes even that to another level. With direct input from paintball's very best players, the CS2 Pro refines the CS2 platform with streamlined body milling quick and easy to clean between games, adds an aluminum barrel tip to bring the paintball gun's point of balance down, provides .681, .685 and .689 barrel bores to dial-in accuracy and velocity consistency, and offers trigger perfection with included Blade and Scythe options! Add all this to an efficient, fast and quiet low-pressure GP core drive system that's easy to pull for cleaning and maintenance and includes two bolt tips to ensure ability to shoot even the best, most brittle tournament paintballs like Valken Redemption Pro and all the standard features of the CS2, and you have a tournament paintball gun that will truly help a player win!

*The Planet Eclipse CS2 Pro Paintball Gun is a product manufactured by Planet Eclipse. Valken, Inc. does not provide support, service or repair. Consult user manual for product warranty and service information from the manufacturer. All support and warranty cases must go directly through Planet Eclipse at or by phone at (401) 247-9061.

*Ships only within the United States
  • Pro Level Tournament Paintball Gun from legendary Planet Eclipse!
  • Ultra-lightweight yet rugged aluminum construction
  • Simple, tool-free maintenance
  • Low-pressure Spool valve drive system
  • Accurate, quiet, efficient and fast
  • Custom SHAFT multi-piece barrel system
  • No external air lines or hoses
  • Full electronic programming suite
  • On/Off bottle adapter
  • Clamping low-rise feed neck
  • Anti-chop electronic eye system
  • Used by numerous top professional paintball players and teams to WIN!
  • Specifications
  • Construction: Aluminum
  • Caliber: .68 caliber paintballs
  • Air Power Source: HPA High Pressure Compressed Air ONLY
  • Electronic Power Source: AA Batteries
  • Barrel Thread: Autococker
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