Eclipse Etha2 .50 Caliber Paintball Gun



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Planet Eclipse took the rugged, high-performance, high-value and affordable Etha2 paintball gun and built a .50 caliber, low-impact version! The Planet Eclipse Etha2 paintball gun is constructed from strong yet lightweight glass reinforced nylon and contains the reliable yet simple to maintain Gamma core for consistent performance and smooth shooting in any weather with almost any paintballs! Other features of this impressive Eclipse paintball gun include a standard double trigger, hose-free air transfer from the bottle into the paintball gun and a high quality, accurate aluminum barrel, creating a paintball gun that is fast, accurate, lightweight, reliable and affordable! Dollar for dollar, the Planet Eclipse Etha2 .50 caliber paintball gun might be the best paintball gun value in the game!
  • A light, reliable, accurate, feature-packed electronic paintball gun!
  • .50 caliber, low-impact chambering for sting-free fun!
  • Standard with a double trigger, aluminum barrel and hose-free air setup
  • Available in various color and camouflage options
  • Specifications
  • Caliber: .50
  • Electronic Power: 9V battery
  • Air Power: HPA compressed air
  • Construction: Glass-Reinforced Nylon & Aluminum
  • Fire Rate: 10+ shots per second
  • Weight: 2.19 pounds
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