Marker Parts - Tiberius FS T15 Service Kit (O-Ring)



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All paintball guns rely on o-rings to maintain seals for proper function, but even the best-maintained paintball gun sometimes suffers from a cut, worn or blown o-ring and it always happens at the worst time! The First Strike T15 o-ring service kit contains all the o-rings used in by the popular T15 mag-fed carbine and allows a gun tech or player to replace their o-rings during maintenance or when one is needed after failing, to get their First Strike T15 back up, sealing and running again! Don’t be left on the side-lines or in the staging area while everyone else is shooting it out – keep a Tiberius FS T15 O-Ring service kit in your gear bag!
  • Kit Includes:
  • T15 Rear Air Plug O-ring
  • Reg. Sealing O-Ring
  • Shroud Mounting Screw O-Ring
  • Split Shot O-ring
  • Air Chamber-OD O-Ring
  • T15 Barrel Brake O-ring
  • Bottle Adapter O-ring
  • Regulator Spring Pad O-Ring
  • T15 Valve Seat O-ring
  • T15 Manifold Seal O-ring
  • T15 Air Manifold O-ring
  • T15 Upper manifold seal
  • Upper Manifold O-ring
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