Marker Parts - Tiberius FS T15 PDW “Air-Thu” Stock


When it’s time to take mag-fed paintball up close and personal with close quarters battle, upgrade your First Strike T15 with a PDW Stock! This First Strike T15 PDW Air Thru Stock is one of the best gun parts available for serious tactical paintball players who often operate in tight quarters and confined spaces where a full-size paintball gun stock would be too long or cumbersome! This drop-in replacement First Strike air stock is built from rugged aluminum and steel, mates with any remote line via a quick disconnect and while closed, keeps the T15 compact yet provides a sturdy stock when extended for a comfortable and stable cheek weld for accurate shooting.
  • First Strike air-thru two-position PDW style shoulder stock
  • Constructed from aluminum and steel
  • Compatible with any remote line via quick-disconnect fitting
  • Matte black
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