Marker Parts - Tiberius FS T15 Hopper Adapter



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Not everyone can have two paintball guns. There are plenty of paintball players in the world who enjoy mag-fed tactical paintball games and the guns made for them, but who might occasionally need to run a hopper especially during big scenario events where there are hundreds of targets and a second paintball gun just might not be in the cards! For those big games with targets everywhere, the amazing First Strike T15 hopper adapter is the perfect paintball accessory, allowing a mag-fed paintball operator to quickly and easily convert their paintball carbine to feed from any hopper and back again! When it’s time to switch from lock-and-load to hammer down with the First Strike T15 paintball gun, all it takes is the T15 hopper adapter!
  • Convert the First Strike T15 paintball gun from magazine to hopper feed
  • Simple and quick to install
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