Valken Chill .68 Caliber Winter Formula Paintballs - 2,000ct


Paintball in cold climates or during winter months is challenging! As temperatures drop, players and paintball field owners alike must adjust their strategies to find success and Valken Chill paintballs are an ideal solution! Specially formulated with a non-freezing fill and a robust, straight-shooting shell designed to retain accuracy and feeding performance without becoming too brittle to shoot in cold temperatures, Valken Chill winter paintballs keep feeding, flying straight and marking reliably on-target throughout paintball in the winter months! So bundle up and get out there - Valken Chill winter paintballs are ready!
  • Specially formulated cold weather paintball
  • Ideal for paintball in late Fall & Winter when temperatures make other paintballs brittle
  • Fill formulated to resist freezing
  • Consistent, round shell for accurate flight
  • Specifications
  • Caliber: .68 caliber
  • Quantity: 2000ct case
  • Formula: Specialized winter blend to resist freezing & brittle shell
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