Exalt FreeFlex Paintball Slide Shorts


Exalt FreeFlex Slide shorts are lightweight shorts designed to protect the wearer during the rigors of modern competitive paintball! Comfortable paintball shorts featuring high-density molded hip and thigh padding along with a molded cup to protect the groin, Exalt slide shorts remain comfortable and cool while protecting the wearer through sliding, diving, crawling and the impacts of paintballs. Protect yourself from all paintball can through at you with a comfortable, protective pair of lightweight paintball slide shorts from Exalt!
  • Lightweight padded paintball slide shorts
  • Contoured, molded thigh, hip and groin padding
  • Silicon printed waistband ensures comfort and prevents slippage
  • Available in black or grey in various sizes
  • Specifications
  • Construction: Breathable stretch mesh
  • Padding: contoured, molded thigh, hip and groin padding
  • Colors: Black and Grey
  • Sizes: small, medium, large and extra large
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