Bunkerkings Knuckle Butt Tentacles Tank Cover



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Protect your paintball compressed air tank from dings and scratches in sleek, simple style with a Bunkerkings Knuckle Butt tank cover! Sized to fit practically any compressed air bottle, the Bunkerkings Knuckle Butt tentacles tank cover provides a stable, non-slip shouldering platform for accurate shooting and can be easily rolled back to check a tank hydro date if necessary. Durable, easily installed and affordable, keep your air bottle safe with a tank cover from Bunkerkings!

  • Ultra-Durable Tank Protection
  • One Size Fits All
  • Shoulder Gripping Grooves
  • Innovative And Unique Flat Folding Function
  • Advanced Grip Increasing and Anti-Tear Material
  • Quick Roll Up Date-Check Function
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