First Strike CF Carbon Fiber Paintball Air Tank - 68/4500 DOT ONLY



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The First Strike CF Carbon Fiber 68/4500psi compressed air tank offers all the performance and features a paintball player will love in a high-dollar paintball air tank, at a price any player can afford! Featuring an adjustable regulator and a lightweight carbon fiber air bottle with a five-year hydro and 68 cubic inch, 4500psi capacity for plenty of shots on practically any paintball gun, this First Strike paintball air tank delivers impressive performance and a great list of features at an affordable price!
  • Affordable, reliable paintball air tank
  • 68 cubic inch capacity
  • 4500psi pressure
  • Adjustable regulator output
  • Tool-free adjustable regulator position
  • Nickel-plated brass regulator
  • Specifications
  • Composition: Nickel-plated brass regulator & Carbon fiber bottle
  • Hydro: 5 year
  • Output Pressure: Adjustable
  • Capacity: 68 cubic inch
  • Pressure: 4500psi
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