First Strike HERO 2 48/4500 Paintball Compressed Air Tank


Designed to be ultimate carbon fiber air system, the First Strike Hero 48 Carbon Fiber tank features a compact 48 cubic inch 4,500psi capacity for lighter weight and a smaller profile, a tool-free rotational regulator for the perfect fit attached to any paintball gun, a lifetime-use bottle with 5 year hydro date and adjustable output pressure from the nickel-plated brass regulator. Light, versatile and packed with features, this First Strike air tank is an outstanding choice for the serious paintball player!
  • 48 cubic inch, 4, 500psi bottle
  • DOT/TC (EU) certification
  • Carbon fiber tank
  • Adjustable regulator
  • Lifetime use bottle with 5 year hydro
  • Specifications
  • Capacity: 48 cubic inches
  • Pressure Rating: 4, 500psi
  • Hydro Date: 5 years
  • Construction: Carbon Fiber bottle
  • Certification: DOT/TC (EU)
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