HK Army13ci 3000psi Aluminum Paintball Air Tank


Lightweight, simple and affordable, the HK Army 13ci 3000psi paintball compressed air tank is ideal for magfed paintball gun setups, pump paintball guns or for low-impact, .50 caliber paintball! An aluminum tank with a screw-in regulator set to 800psi output pressure, the HK 13/3000 air system is safe, easy to use and compatible with almost any paintball gun!
  • Small, light paintball compressed air tank!
  • Lightweight aluminum tank with simple, reliable screw-in regulator
  • Ideal for mag-fed paintball, pump paintball or low-impact .50 caliber paintball
  • Specifications
  • Tank Capacity: 13 cubic inches
  • Tank Pressure: 3000psi
  • Regulator Output Pressure: 800psi
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