HK Army 62ci 3000psi Aluminum Paintball Compressed Air Tank


In paintball, more air is always a good thing! The HK Army 62 cubic inch, 3000psi aluminum paintball air tank provides more air than standard 48 cubic inch paintball air tanks at an affordable price, keeping any player on the field longer, shooting more paintballs between air fills! Built from lightweight aluminum with a rugged, simple screw-in regulator, the HK 62/3000 paintball compressed air tank is a great option for an affordable paintball air tank!
  • Affordable, high-capacity paintball compressed air tank!
  • Screw-in paintball air tank works with practically any paintball gun
  • 62 cubic inch capacity for more shots between fills
  • 800psi output pressure compatible with most paintball guns
  • Specifications
  • Composition: Aluminum air tank
  • Capacity: 62 cubic inches
  • Pressure: 3000 psi
  • Output Pressure: 800psi
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