HK Army 68/4500 Aerolite Paintball Air System



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The HK Army Aerolite paintball compressed air system is a lightweight, full-featured paintball air tank with an impressive price! The carbon fiber bottle is light and attractive, with a 5-year hydro test cycle and the aluminum compressed air regulator is simple and reliable, with an 800psi output pressure compatible with almost any modern paintball gun! Paintball players in search of a paintball compressed air bottle that is simple, reliable, lightweight and affordable now have a great option with the HK Army Aerolite paintball air tank!
  • 68 Cubic Inch Lightweight Bottle
  • 4500 psi Capacity
  • Reliable Aircraft Grade Aluminum Regulator
  • Weight 2lbs 2.4oz
  • 800 psi Output Pressure
  • DOT & TC Approved Cylinder
  • 1.8K and 7.5K Burst Disks for Safety
  • Five-Year Hydro Cycle
  • Specifications
  • Capacity: 68 cubic inches
  • Pressure: 4, 500psi
  • Regulator Output Pressure: 800psi
  • Weight: 2.24 pounds
  • Hydro Test Frequency: 5 years
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