HK Army HEX 68/4500 Paintball Compressed Air Tank


Affordable, attractive and delivering consistent, reliable performance, the HK Army Hex Extra Light paintball air tank is ideal for serious paintball players who need plenty of air and a quality regulator! Lightweight at barely more than two pounds, this HK Army paintball air bottle offers a five-year hydro test cycle and 800psi output pressure ideal for almost any paintball gun!
  • Attractive, lightweight paintball air bottle
  • 68 cubic inch 4500psi bottle
  • 5 year hydro
  • 800psi regulator output
  • Specifications
  • Weight: 2.3 pounds
  • Capacity: 68 cubic inch
  • Tank Pressure: 4500psi
  • Regulator Output Pressure: 800psi
  • Hydro Cycle: 5 years
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