HK Army 68/4500 Extra Lite Paintball HPA Tank w/Standard Reg


Players looking for plenty of air capacity in one of the lightest full-featured paintball compressed air tanks available need look no further than the HK Army Extra Lite 68/4500 system (with standard reg). The 68 cubic inch, 4500psi Extra Lite air bottle keeps weight down while offering an industry standard capacity that offers plenty of shots on almost any paintball gun, while the standard HK Army regulator is set to 800psi output pressure, ideal for practically all paintball guns! Light, reliable and offering excellent performance at a competitive price, the HK Army Extra Lite 68/4500 compressed air tank is a great choice for any serious paintball player!
  • HK Army Extra Lite Compressed Air Bottle w Standard Regulator
  • Weighs Approx 2.2 pounds
  • 800psi Output pressure
  • 68 cubic inch, 4, 500psi capacity for plenty of shots per fill
  • Specifications
  • Capacity: 68 cubic inches
  • Output Pressure: 800psi
  • Hydro Test Cycle: 5 years
  • Construction: Carbon fiber-wrapped bottle with aluminum regulator
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Certifications: DOT & TC
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