HK Army 80/4500 Extra Lite Paintball Air Tank with Pro Regulator


Serious paintball players in search of a paintball compressed air tank that can deliver the performance they require to compete at the highest levels need look no further than the HK Army Aerolite Extralite paintball compressed air tank! This feature-packed, high-end paintball air tank offers a whopping 80 cubic inch, 4,500psi capacity air tank that can keep any paintball gun shooting pod after pod, and the HK Army AeroLite Pro Regulator is adjustable for both output (450 or 650psi) and gauge & fill nipple placement thanks to a rotational collar! Lightweight at just over two pounds, this impressive paintball air tank from HK Army delivers all the features and performance a competitive paintball needs to shoot fast and win!
  • AeroLite Pro Regulator Constructed with Lite-Weight Aircraft Grade Aluminum
  • 80 cubic inch Extra Lite Bottle w/ 4500 psi Capacity
  • Weight 2lbs 6.0 oz
  • Constant Flow Output Pressure
  • Low Pressure & High Pressure Piston (450-650psi)
  • Rotational Threaded Regulator Cap for Ideal Gauge/Fill Nipple Placement
  • Wave Spring Technology
  • 1.8K and 7.5K Burst Disks for Safety
  • DOT & TC Approved Cylinder
  • Five-year Hydro Cycle
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Specifications
  • Capacity: 80cubic inches
  • Pressure: 4, 500psi
  • Output Pressure: 450psi or 650psi
  • Hydro Cycle: 5 years
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