Ninja Magna Cap and Clip Kit



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Paintball compressed air tanks take a beating and should always be protected from dirt, grime and paint! Adding a Ninja Magnacap compressed air fill nipple cover is a quick and easy way to protect any compressed air tank, as it simply slips over the fill nipple and secures magnetically, preventing dirt, sand, broken paint or other debris from being pushed into the regulator during air fills. Included with the MagnaCap is a Ninja Clip Kit, designed to allow for simple adjustment of a compressed air system regulator into a paintball gun’s bottle adapter to allow for perfect alignment of gauges and fill nipples for comfort while shooting!

  • Ninja MagnaCap compressed air fill nipple cover and Clip Kit
  • Magnetic air tank fill nipple cover protects regulator from dirt & debris
  • Clip Kit used to align regulator when threading into paintball gun
  • Clips can also be used to align vertical thread-in regulators
  • Compatible with ANY compressed air tank and regulator
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