Valken Paintball Remote Coil with Proconnect


For players looking to lighten the load of their paintball gun and make it more compact and maneuverable in tight spaces, the ultimate remote coil is here! The Valken Remote Coil with Proconnect combines some of the very best tank parts in the Valken arsenal to create the most feature packed and convenient remote available! A coiled remote line allows for movement and dexterity while staying close to the body without snags, an on/off at the tank gets the air flowing and when it’s time to lay the paintball gun down in the staging area without degassing the system, the Valken Proconnect pops at the push of a button! Take that tank and carry the weight in your pack, while doing the shooting with a light, tight and convenient paintball gun setup with the Valken remote coil with Proconnect!

  • Coiled remote line for paintball or airsoft
  • On/off bottle adapter
  • Equipped with Valken Proconnect for simple removal
  • Affordable and packed with features
  • Compatible with CO2 or HPA
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