Marker Parts - Tiberius FS Service Kit(O-Ring)T8.1/T9.1/T4.1



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The Tiberius T8.1/T9.1/T4.1 o-ring service kit includes all the o-ring seals a player or tech will need to rebuilt various Tiberius model paintball guns. When it comes to paintball gun parts, nothing is more critical to reliable operation than fresh well-lubricated o-rings.
  • O-Ring seal kit for Tiberius 8.1/9.1/4.1 paintball guns
  • Specifications
  • Includes:
  • Push Rod O-Ring
  • Valve Body/Rear Body O-Ring
  • CO2 Stem O-Ring
  • (2) Reg. Sealing O-Ring
  • Valve Spacer O-Ring
  • Reg Valve/Reg Body Seal O-Ring
  • Shroud Mounting Screw O-Ring
  • Relief Valve Body O-Ring
  • Regulator End Screw O-Ring
  • Regulator Spring Pad O-Ring
  • Air Chamber Plug O-Ring
  • Air Chamber OD O-Ring
  • (2) Air Chamber-OD O-Ring
  • Co2 Valve Body O-Ring
  • Air Chamber Cap O-Ring
  • Firing Bumper
  • Co2 Seal
  • Clamshell, O-Ring Kit/Side Tac
  • Header Cards
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