Valken Universal Fill Adapter On/Off Tank Parts



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Whether you’re filling CO2 tanks, building a paintball remote line or simply draining the air from your CO2 or compressed air tank before traveling with it, a Valken Universal Fill Adapter is a must-have item! For remote lines, simply add to a coiled air hose, thread in a bottle and twist the knob to get the air flowing, or built a CO2 fill station with a large, thick knurled on/off knob for easier operation! Finally, this universal fill adapter is a great accessory for paintball players who travel and fly with their equipment, as it allows air to be drained from tanks and bottles before removing regulators as required!
  • Universal CO2 tank adapter
  • Compatible with CO2 or Compressed air bottles
  • Compatible with paintball remote lines
  • Large, knurled on/off knob
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