Valken Embroidered Circle Hoodie Sweatshirt


The weather's cooling off and getting crisp, and that means it's HOODIE season! Whether you're a paintball player looking to keep warm on the way to the field with a paintball hoodie sweatshirt, or an airsoft operator who isn't actually operating in the battlespace quite yet and needs to keep warm with an airsoft hoodie, the new Valken Hoodie Sweatshirt features an embroidered Valken Circle logo to let everyone know what you do and what you're about, and is available in black because it goes with anything. Spooky season is here with its cool weather and evenings around the fire or out to dinner after the event, so gear up with a new Valken Hoodie and look good while you keep warm!
  • Soft, warm and comfortable hooded sweatshirt with large Valken Circle embroidered logo on chest
  • Perfect for cool fall weather at the paintball field or airsoft operation!
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