V Tactical Thunder V 12 Pack - Shell Only

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When it’s time to make dynamic entry and put your opponents back on their heels, there’s nothing like a bang device and the Valken Tactical Thunder V paintball grenade shell is the ideal choice! Designed to mimic the loud “bang” of a tactical “flash bang” grenade, these replacement shells are compatible with 12gram CO2 cartridges that, when the system’s pin is pulled, fill the shell with CO2 and then rupture, creating a 130 decibel bang certain to distract and disorient opponents. These Tactical Thunder V replacement grenade shell packs are available in various styles to suit any training requirement or loadout preference.
  • Replacement shell pack for Tactical Thunder V
  • 12 count replacement grenade shell pack
  • Various replacement shell cylinder styles available including pineapple, dumbbell, Cylinder B, and Cylinder C
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  • Quantity: 12 count
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