Virtue Vio Ascend & Spire Loader Goggle Combo - Black



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A great paintball goggle. A great paintball loader. Does it get much better than that? It does when they're available as a combo pack for an amazing price, like this Virtue Vio Ascend & Virtue Spire IR Loader combo pack! The Virtue Vio Ascend paintball goggle offers a full list of great features like a dual-moulded, flexible yet protective facemask with great air flow and a thermal, anti-fog goggle lens that's easy to remove and swap or clean! Meanwhile, the Virtue Spire IR loader is a proven tournament winning paintball loader that is used by numerous top teams at the professional level, the Spire is gentle on paint, resists jamming and feeds consistently, all while being easily dismantled for cleaning or service!

Combine two outstanding products like the Virtue Ascend paintball goggle and the Virtue Spire IR paintball loader at an amazing price and you've got a must-have deal on some of the best paintball gear in the business!
  • Virtue Ascend Goggle:
  • Thermal anti-fog, quick-change lens
  • Lightweight single-piece dual-moulded facemask
  • Comfortable, breathable competition-level paintball goggle!
  • Virtue Spire IR Loader:
  • Lightweight, rugged and reliable paintball loader
  • Proven feed system
  • Simple to use & reliable in all conditions
  • Specifications
  • Virtue Ascend Goggle:
  • Lens type: Thermal anti-fog
  • Color: Black
  • Virtue Spire IR Loader:
  • Paintball Capacity: Approx 200 rounds .68 caliber paintballs
  • Electronic Power: AA batteries x3
  • Color: Black
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