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Why You Need To Shoot The Best Paint

There are so many paintball brands and labels that it is often difficult to decipher one from another. And in the confusion it’s even more difficult trying to choose which brand or label might be best for you. So let’s look at some paintball basics.

Manufacturing a paintball is an exacting process. The shell, the size, the weight, the fill, the packaging and the shipping all need to be consistent and precise to produce a good reliable paintball. A poorly manufactured paintball may be out of round, have too thin or too thick of a shell, or it may be manufactured using poor quality ingredients. And even a perfectly manufactured case of paintballs can be ruined by sitting in a warehouse or truck too long, or stored in a big-box store distribution center for months. All paintballs have a shelf life, so buying a reliable brand like Valken’s line of paintballs will ensure your paint is fresh and manufactured to the highest standards.

The name behind the brand will tell you a lot. Valken Sports has been manufacturing paintballs for years. They’ve perfected the manufacturing process and they know how to get their paintballs out the door and into the hands of players worldwide quickly, using climate controlled trucks, warehouses and containers for transport so your paint is as newly made as possible.

So why is this all so important? Paint that is not round will not fly straight and true. Paintballs that vary in weight or fill consistency will give you very inconsistent accuracy and air efficiency. Paintballs that are old will break in the marker, not on the target. And paintballs that have an inconsistent shell will give you all of the above problems and more. There’s nothing worse than planning a day at the paintball field, spending your hard-earned money to play and having issues with your paint. Don’t let your choice of paintballs be the reason you’re on the sidelines. Choosing a label like Valken’s Redemption or Graffiti will give you the plug and play day on the field you want.