Valken Videos

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Valken skits 🤣

The guy who waits till the last minute #shorts #paintball

Why I hate the Bang rule…. #shorts #airsoft

Don’t ever do this in airsoft! #shorts #airsoft

Valken's most FAQ answered :)

Is paintball safe to play?

Is paintball safe for the environment?

What Is Low Impact Paintball?


What is Gel Blaster? + Unboxing!

Top 5 Gel blaster Questions answered!

Gel Blaster Surge for kids!

Valken Tutorials

How to take off an MI-series visor

How to change AEG Hop up

How to maintenance your Valken Hicapa Pistol

Product Library

Umarex HDX T4E Shotgun

“Are Dump Pouches helpful?” #airsoft #shorts

Valken Exclusive Combat Grey Shotgun | T4E HDS 68 Paintball Shotgun

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