Valken Events

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Op Lion Claws Tactical Airsoft Challenge Mojave 2019

LVL UP Big Game 2019 Paintball Event

Operation Bad Blood Airsoft Event 2019 - EMR Event Park

Summer Campout Sniperz Den Paintball Event 2019 Valken

Wargame Oklahoma 2019 - Airsoft Event

TC Big Bash 2019 Paintball Event 2019

Umarex USA - Elite Force Tour with Valken Airsoft

Michigan Monster Game Hell Survivors BYOP 2019 Paintball Event Valken

AMS Northern Front Airsoft Event 2019 - Black Ops Airsoft

Skirmish ION 2019 Paintball Event

Evike Outpost Airsoft Palooza 2019

EMR Game of Bones 2019 Paintball Event

Conflicts 5 Airsoft Event

Oklahoma D Day 2019 Paintball Event Valken

American MilSim Southern Front 2019 Valken Event

Paintball Fallout Graceland GRC 2019 Event Valken

Operation Lion Claws Tactical Challenge 2019 Valken Event

Supergame 52 Paintball Event

Valken Airsoft IWA 2019 with Airsoft & Milsim News Blog

Zero Hour Endgame Paintball MFOG Event 2019

Battle For Monte Cassino Valken Paintball Event 2019

Hamburger Hill 2019 Valken Paintball Event

Winter Wars Paintball Event 2019

Blast Camp Hoth X Paintball Event

Fulda Gap 2018 Valken Paintball Event

TCP Iron Mitten Series 2018 Paintball Event Final

AirsoftCon 2018 Valken Airsoft Event

Fulda Gap 2018 Valken Airsoft Event

NXL World Cup 2018 Valken Paintball Event

The Purge Paintball Blast Camp Valken Event

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