Valken Events

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Operation Lion Claws Op X-5 Airsoft Event

West Point Fall Combat Classic Valken Sports Paintball

AVP Total Carnage Sherwood Forest Valken Sports Paintball Event

NXL Chicago 2018 Valken Sports Paintball

Wargame Oklahoma D Day Adventure Park Airsoft Event

Battle of Chernobyl 5 Airsoft Event - American Paintball Coliseum - Denver

Battle of Bunker Hill GRC Paintball Event

TC Big Bash 2018 Paintball Event

Evike Outpost Grand Opening at Gamepod Combat Zone 2018 Airsoft

DEFCON 1 Blast Camp 2018 Paintball Event

Skirmish USA Invasion of Normandy 2018 Paintball Event

NXL Atlantic City Open Paintball 2018

Oklahoma DDAY 2018 Paintball Event

Lion Claws Operation X - Battle of the 1200 Series 2018 Airsoft Event

Op Lion Claws XVII Airsoft Valken Sports Event

Game of Bones EMR Painball Valken Sports Event

Conflicts 4 Airsoft Valken Sports Event

NXL Texas Open 2018 Event

Border War 10 Airsoft Valken Sports Event

Battle For Monte Cassino Paintball Event

Red Storm East - 2018 Valken Airsoft Event Video

Op Lion Claws Tactical Airsoft Challenge 2018

Generals Cup 2018 Paintball Event

Amazing Rock & Roll NXL Las Vegas 2018 Paintball Tournament Coverage Valken

Halo Red V Blue 2018 Paintball Event

Operation Devil Dog: Winter Offensive - Lion Claws Airsoft Event

Fulda Gap Airsoft 2017 Event

Final Red Strike Blast Camp Event

Operation Overwatch 4 Airsoft Event

Fulda Gap 2017 Event

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