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Whether you enjoy the intense adrenaline rush of paintball and need paintball gear, or the tactical force-on-force challenge of airsoft and need airsoft supplies, the new valken online paintball and airsoft store is your one-stop shop, backed by whatever it takes customer service!

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From amazing paintball action and tactical airsoft operations to reviews and run-downs of the latest products, Valken Videos are guaranteed to inform and entertain!

NEW Valken GFX Harnesses!

Introducing 7 new designs in both 4+3 and 5+8!

Gel Blaster meets Parkour!

GelBlaster to the next level - up the wall, through the air and off the roof with GelBlaster Parkour!

Valken Hicapa Pistols!

The best pistol an airsoft player could ask for.

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Valken doesn’t just sell it – we make it. Proudly. Valken paintball products and Valken airsoft gear is both quality and affordable, allowing you to play your game and play it more. Valken makes the best paintballs in the world like Valken Redemption Pro paintballs, Valken Graffiti Paintballs and Valken Tango paintballs, along with Valken Infinity airsoft BB’s, Valken Accelerate Pro Match airsoft BB’s, and a full line of paintball and airsoft equipment like Paintball pants, paintball and airsoft pads, paintball pods, paintball goggles like the Valken MI-7 no-fog paintball goggle, Valken airsoft goggles, Valken airsoft mesh masks, Valken gloves and Valken airsoft batteries and airsoft chargers, along with the Valken Blackhawk paintball gun and the Valken ASL line of electric airsoft guns and GBB airsoft pistols like the Valken HICAPA!

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Planet Eclipse


Planet Eclipse redefined what it is to make a reliable, durable, high-performance paintball gun when they released the Eclipse Ego and they continue to make the best paintball guns today. Between the Eclipse LV1.6 and the Eclipse GEO4 paintball guns and the Eclipse CS2 Pro paintball gun, Eclipse supports a large number of the very best paintball players in the world, and untold thousands more play paintball with the amazing Eclipse GTek170R, one of the best values in paintball! Magfed players enjoy Eclipse quality too, as the Eclipse EMF100 paintball gun has taken scenario and tactical paintball by storm with its mix of quality and performance, while mechanical players enjoy the game with the Eclipse EMek! Players just jumping off on their paintball adventure can enjoy the Eclipse Etha2 PAL electronic paintball gun, while Eclipse has recently released the Protoyz Speedster paintball loader to rave reviews!

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If it’s a high quality, officially licensed, high-performance airsoft rifle or pistol like a Glock airsoft pistol, a Beretta airsoft pistol, a Walther airsoft pistol or an H&K airsoft gun, it’s probably from Umarex and that’s a good thing! Valken offers a full range of Umarex airsoft products from airsoft rifles and pistols to Umarex 88 gram air cartridges and Umarex 12 gram CO2 cartridges at great prices. Valken also offers an impressive range of Umarex T4E .43 caliber force-on-force training paintball guns like the Umarex T4E Walther paintball pistol or the Umarex Glock 17 Gen5 T4E paintball pistol, along with Umarex pepper ammo, Umarex .43 caliber paintballs and the Umarex HDS paintball shotgun!

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HK Army


One of the most popular and talked-about brands in paintball today, HK Army offers an impressive line of HK Army paintball gear, from the HK Army KLR paintball goggle used by legendary pro paintball team Dynasty, to the HK Army Eject paintball pack, HK Army Magtek paintball harness, HK Army gear cases and HK Army paintball clothing! HK Army paintball gear offers a unique west coast twist on paintball that only they can, and their accessories like their HK Army Epic universal speed feed is an outstanding product! HK Army Aerolite compressed air tanks and HK Army Extra Lite paintball air tanks are extremely popular thanks to their mix of quality and performance, and HK Army now offers the legendary Pinokio hopper for sale, a lightweight, reliable favorite of tournament and scenario players worldwide!

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Dye helped define what it was to be a professional paintball player many years ago, and Dye paintball products continue to help top players win today! Professional paintball teams like the Ironmen, San Antonio X-Factor, the Moscow Red Legion and Columbus LVL use Dye paintball gear like the Dye Rotor paintball loader and paintball guns like the Dye M3+ and Dye DSR+, along with the Dye Attack Pack paintball harness and shoot straight with the Dye Ultralite paintball gun barrel. Dye DAM magazines are some of the most popular magfed paintball magazines in the game, used both by the Dye DAM paintball gun and the Eclipse EMF100 paintball gun, and Dye i5 and i4 paintball goggles are some of the very best in the world!

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First Strike changed the game of paintball when they brought the First Strike round, a fin stabilized paintball projectile that can shoot farther and flatter than anything else in paintball, to market. Now firmly established as a top name in paintball, First Strike paintball offers .68 caliber First Strike rounds, .50 caliber First Strike rounds, and paintball guns to shoot them through like the First Strike T15 paintball gun line, the First Strike FSC compact paintball pistol and the amazing new First Strike Roscoe paintball revolver! If hard core scenario and tactical mag-fed paintball are your game, find your First Strike paintball equipment and paintball guns at!

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Bunkerkings & Virtue


We Kill Suckers. Well, Bunkerkings does. Their classic catch phrase is a piece of paintball history, and Bunkerkings is back and better than ever thanks to a breath of life from fellow top paintball brand Virtue! Now partners, Bunkerkings and Virtue offer an impressive line of paintball gear, like the Bunkerkings CMD paintball goggle and the Bunkerkings CTRL loader, along with the Virtue Spire loader and the Virtue Vio paintball goggle! Virtue and Bunkerkings don’t stop there, offering an impressive Bunkerkings paintball harness, Bunkerkings silicone barrel covers and Knuckle Butt tank covers and the affordable but impressive Virtue Vio Ascend goggle. Don’t forget about the best new paintball chronograph in the game, either, the Virtue Clock 3 chronograph!

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