Valken Paintball Pods

The unsung hero of paintball is the paintball pod. A simple plastic tube with a flip lid designed to safely carry paintballs and make reloading quick and easy, paintball pods are those paintball accessories that never get the love they deserve! That means selecting the best paintball pods is important so players and teams aren’t forced to replace them again and again, and Valken paintball pods are simple, durable and affordable to let you load up and get your paintball gun back in the game!


Paintball Pods Online
The first time a paintball player can’t eliminate an opponent they can see because they ran out of paintballs and can’t reload, they know it’s time for a paintball harness and plenty of paintball pods to fill it! There’s nothing worse than running out of paintballs on the paintball field, and paintball players carry their extra paintballs in plastic tubes called paintball pods. These paintball pods feature a flip lid that can be easily opened with one hand, with the flick of a thumb, allowing the player to quickly and easily reload the paintball hopper on top of their paintball gun! Paintball pods are now offered in two main styles: 100 round paintball pods that are often used in simple, affordable paintball pod packs or a paintball belt with a pouch, and 140 round paintball pods that are preferred by tournament and speedball paintball players and carried in a paintball harness. Other styles of paintball pods are also available, including .50 caliber paintball pods and 50 round paintball pods that are popular for pump paintball and tactical paintball games. The new Valken online store offers the best paintball pods from many popular brands, including Dye paintball pods, HK Army paintball pods and Valken paintball pods that are affordable paintball pods, rather than cheap paintball pods! Paintball players, paintball teams and paintball fields looking for bulk paintball pods and the best deals on paintball pods for sale need look no further than Valken, as Valken Flick Lid paintball pods are offered as 100 round paintball pods and 140 round paintball pods to suit any need for any style of paintball! The new Valken online store also offers paintball pod loaders, also known as paintball ball haulers, that make loading paintball pods bulk and filling paintball hoppers easier than ever! While paintball gear like the best paintball gun or a thermal paintball goggle may get all the glory, paintball pods are a necessary part of any player’s paintball gear bag and almost every paintball player needs plenty of paintball pods to fill their paintball harness or paintball pod pack for a game! The Valken line of paintball equipment for sale includes the best paintball pods from brands like Dye, Virtue, Bunkerkings and Valken, along with the best paintballs to fill those paintball pods and the perfect paintball pack or paintball harness for any style of play. Much more than just a paintball paint holder or a paitball tube, the best paintball pods feature a combination of rugged plastic moulding and a reliable, simple spring loaded flip lid designed to open easily with the flick of a thumb, while remaining closed in a paintball pod pack while the player wearing it runs, slides, dives and crawls during a paintball game, and the Valken online store offers paintball pods for any budget or style of play! For the paintball player who knows that cheap paintball gear doesn’t always mean the best paintball gear, the new Valken online paintball store offers the best paintball gear in the world at the best prices, along with paintball buying guides to help any player learn about the game and purchase the best paintball gear for their budget!