valken airsoft electric rifles

The Valken ASL line of electric airsoft rifles offer high performance, a long list of features and a tactical mil-spec look and feel! From compact carbines and PDW’s for airsoft CQB to a full-length tactical airsoft rifle for long range engagements, Valken electric airsoft guns combine features and performance at low prices! Valken also offers a variety of electric airsoft guns from top brands like Umarex, BCM, Elite Force, Avalon and Sig Sauer, so select an airsoft rifle, build your entire airsoft loadout and accomplish your mission with Valken Airsoft!

Valken ASL AEG Airsoft Guns

Bob of Valken Airsoft shooting Valken ASL AEG electric airsoft gun with Valken optics and Valken gloves

Valken Alloy All-Metal Airsoft AEG Rifles

HK AEG Airsoft Guns: MP5, MP7, UMP, G36 and More!

IWI Tavor Bullpup AEG Airsoft Guns

Elite Force M4 AEG Airsoft Rifles

VFC Avalon AEG Airsoft Rifles

Sig Sauer Airsoft Rifles

BCM MCMR Gunfighter AEG Airsoft Rifles

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Reliable, High-Performance Electric Airsoft Guns

Valken electric airsoft rifles like the Valken ASL series offer performance, reliability and quality at an unbeatable, low price! Packed with features and designed to provide maximum value and performance at affordable prices, Valken airsoft rifles are available in multiple configurations to suit any preference or mission requirement!

Whether you operate at close ranges in an airsoft CQB environment or drop targets at long range outside with a full-length airsoft rifle, Valken ASL electric airsoft guns deliver performance any airsoft operator can rely on! Shop the full line of electric airsoft guns with Valken Airsoft, along with a full selection of airsoft BB’s, airsoft batteries and airsoft goggles, to build your ultimate loadout today!

Quality Airsoft Gear for Every Budget

From day one in the amazing world of airsoft to tactical operations and close quarters airsoft CQB battles, Valken airsoft gear delivers the ultimate combination of features, performance and price to fit any budget! From affordable airsoft rifles to rugged, full-metal electric airsoft guns plus airsoft pistols, airsoft batteries, CO2 cartridges and both biodegradable and non-biodegradable airsoft BB’s, along with a full line of airsoft eye protection and tactical loadbearing equipment, Valken Airsoft provides everything necessary to build and customize an airsoft loadout for any mission!