New Paintball Gear for the New Paintball Year - 2022 Edition

Valken paintball equipment

New Paintball Gear for a New Paintball Year - 2022!

New Valken Paintball Gear for your 2022 Paintball Adventures!

Happy New Year! The new year is upon us and with it, a new paintball season is well on its way! That means it’s time for some new paintball gear to hit the field with and Valken has all the new paintball equipment a player will ever need to hit the field, put paint on the opposition and win! From a new paintball gun and a paintball loader to feed it, to improved accuracy with a new paintball gun barrel or a new paintball pack to carry plenty of paintballs, Valken has a massive pile of new paintball equipment for sale online at the best prices. Whether you’re new to the game of paintball looking for a great beginner paintball gun like the Valken Razorback, need a reliable, affordable motorized loader like the Valken V-Max+, need a new pack like the Valken Fate GFX 5+8 harness to carry more paintballs this season, want to add an M17 rifled barrel to your magfed setup for improved accuracy, or are looking to protect your high-dollar paintball gear investments with Valken Paintball Gear cases, Valken has Whatever it Takes to get you more wins this season!

Valken Razorback paintball gun

Valken Razorback

Simple, reliable and affordable, the .68 caliber Valken Razorback paintball gun is a mechanical semi-automatic paintball gun that delivers solid performance, plenty of features and simple maintenance at a price any paintball player can afford! The lightweight Valken Razorback paintgun needs no batteries to shoot fast with its standard double trigger, offers a vertical clamping feed neck that any loader will fit into easily, and is easy to clean with its quick-pull Delrin bolt! Consistent and accurate thanks to its patent-pending self-centering cup seal valve design that will function with CO2 or compressed air, the Valken Razorback accepts any paintball gun barrel threaded for Spyder paintball guns and makes the perfect beginner paintgun! Available in red, blue or black, the Valken Razorback may be affordable, but it’s certainly no cheap paintball gun – with plenty of features and design refinements like stainless steel hardware for improved reliability the Razorback paintball gun is perfect for recreational paintball games and can be upgraded with a motorized loader, a compressed air tank and an aftermarket paintball gun barrel for improved performance!

Affordable Paintball Guns
Valken VMax loader

Valken V-Max+ Paintball Loader

When it’s time to shoot faster without the worry of frustrating feed jams, shaking and baking, or chopped and broken paintballs, it’s time to upgrade to the affordable, reliable Valken V-Max+ Paintball loader! This motorized paintball loader combines high-tech features with reliability and simple operation to provide consistent steams of paintballs from the loader, down the paintball gun’s feed neck and into the breech for firing while eliminating jams and improving rates of fire! Ideal for recreational play, mid-level electronic paintball guns, scenario games and mechanical paintball, the affordable, reliable Valken V-Max+ hopper is the best paintball loader in its class! Lightweight yet able to feed a full 220 rounds of .68 caliber paintballs, be cleaned without tools and easily upgraded with a V-Max Speed Feed for even faster reloads, the Valken V-Max+ paintball loader is the perfect upgrade for improved performance, reduced broken paintballs and higher rates of fire for your 2022 paintball season!

Valken Fate GFX 5+8 paintball harness

Valken Fate GFX 5+8 Harness

Every paintball player wishes they could carry a few more paintballs at one time or another while they’re on the field! There’s nothing worse than seeing bad guys you can’t eliminate in a game of paintball because you ran out of paintballs, and picking up paintballs from the ground is generally a bad idea! Carry more paintballs and get more eliminations every time you walk on the field with a new paintball harness from Valken! The new Valken Fate GFX line of paintball gear continues to expand, and the newest addition to this line of affordable paintball gear is the Fate GFX 5+8 paintball harness! Able to carry 5 140 round pods in quick-eject pod straps, plus an additional 8 pods in external loops for massive capacity, the new Valken Fate GFX 5+8 paintball pack features a comfortable, adjustable belt that fits most paintball players and holds on tight, heavy duty flaps on the auto-ejector straps and is available in several sublimated colors and graphic designs ideal for everything from speedball in the arena to mechanical or scenario paintball in the woods! When it’s time to load up with plenty of paintballs for serious paintball action, carry all the paintballs you need in a comfortable, affordable Valken Fate GFX 5+8 paintball harness and keep your paintball gun shooting! Just make sure to buy plenty of Valken Flick Lid 140 round paintball pods to load it up with!

New Valken Paintball Equipment
Valken M17 rifled barrel

Valken M17 Rifled Barrels

At Valken, we know magfed paintball. We understand that magazine fed paintball is serious, hard core tactical action that requires coordination, teamwork, high-tech paintball gear and, most importantly, accuracy. In magfed paintball guns, every single shot counts because instead of a big hopper holding hundreds of paintballs and a paintball pack holding hundreds more, magfed paintball players operate with 10-20 round paintball gun magazines loaded with round paintballs or First Strike rounds and a loadbearing system with a few more magazines. That means accuracy is everything, and while our Valken M17 magfed paintball gun offers impressive accuracy out of the box, Valken is pleased to offer serious magfed paintball operators the ability to instantly upgrade their loadout for improved accuracy and tighter shot groups at all ranges with a Valken M17 rifled barrel! Available in an 11.5 inch aluminum model that keeps things compact while offering internal rifling for improved accuracy with First Strike rounds or round paintballs, or a longer, 15.5 inch model fluted to reduce weight while transforming the M17 paintball gun into an incredible paintball designated marksman rifle that can devastate the opposition at long range! Built from rugged aluminum and available in a length to suit any serious magfed operator’s loadout and playing style, Valken M17 rifled paintball gun barrels are an affordable, instant upgrade to improve performance and enhance accuracy for serious magfed shooters!

Valken Goggle Case

Valken Gear Cases

From paintball goggles and paintball loaders to high-pressure paintball air tanks, paintball gear for a serious player can cost serious money! A high-end set of thermal paintball goggles can cost hundreds and a high-tech paintball loader can also cost hundreds of dollars too! In addition to also not being cheap, a paintball high pressure air bottle is a high tech piece of equipment that holds up to 4,500psi of compressed air and is built with delicate regulator threads and a fiber-wrapped bottle that need to be kept safe for proper operation! These pieces of high-dollar paintball gear might be able to handle the wear and tear of playing the game with all its sliding, diving, crawling and shooting, but when it’s being transported and stored in a paintball gear bag, goggles and loaders can be crushed and a tank can be dented and dinged! Protect all that high-end paintball gear with affordable but rugged Valken Paintball Gear cases that will keep all your valuable paintball gear clean, protected and organized!

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