If the heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping game of paintball is how you get your rush, Valken has the paintball gear you need to play at your best and win! Whether you play tournament paintball and need the very best paintball equipment available to help you hang the flag and get back out there for the next point, or lock and load for tactical paintball in the woods and need the best paintball gear to help you accomplish your mission, Valken Paintball has everything you need to play at your best and enjoy the game and sport of paintball every time you hit the field!

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DYE i5 Goggles
Feature Product of the Week:

DYE i5 Smoked Goggle


New year, New You? How about a new look with an amazing new Dye I5 Smoked paintball goggle? With an unmistakable look, a long list of standard features and the proven performance of pro tournament wins, the Smoked Dye i5 goggle looks like nothing else, and delivers unmatched performance and style whether your game is woodsball, tactical paintball or tournament competition! See the amazing new Smoked Dye i5 and the entire Dye i5 Paintball goggle line at Valken!

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Valken Paintball Testimonials

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John S. 


"Paint was great. I shot a bag of Graffiti. It surpassed my expectations. The Reserve is an excellent choice as a field ball."

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Catherine S.


"I know I've said it before, but it's a real pleasure dealing with you and Valken! Always amazing service and quick shipping. It's so helpful for us!"

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Mike H. 


"Ball-for-ball, I don't think there's a better paintball on the market today than Grafitti! I always know it will shoot straight and not break in my gun!"

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Jason B. 


"My Valken Blackhawk just keeps working! Rain, mud, hot, cold, it doesn't matter - my friends always have to work on their guns at the field, and all I do is play!" 

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