Valken Paintball Harnesses and Packs

Selecting the right paintball harness to carry extra paintballs means more than simply stuffing tubes full of paintballs into a paintball pack and hitting the field – modern paintball harnesses are now performance athletic equipment, able to carry plenty of paintballs pods full of paintballs, compress against the wearer to be a smaller target, offer back support and even carry a paintball air tank if necessary! Valken’s full line of paintball harnesses means each player can find the best paintball harness to suit their style of play or mission loadout ensuring there’s plenty of paintball ammo available when the shooting starts!


Paintball Harness and Paintball Packs for Sale
A paintball harness is one of the most important yet often overlooked part of a serious paintball player’s paintball equipment! No complete set of paintball gear is complete without a paintball harness, also known as a paintball pack, as this is how paintball players carry paintballs and reload! The new Valken online store offers a wide variety of paintball packs and the best paintball harnesses along with a complete paintball harness buying guide to help any player select the best paintball pack for their style of play! Valken paintball manufactures a wide variety of affordable paintball pod packs and the paintball harnesses for sale at Valken are ideal for any style of paintball! While many paintball players focus on paintball guns and paintball goggles as major purchases and generally look for cheap paintball harnesses or cheap paintball packs for sale when filling their paintball gear bag, it never takes long for a player to realize a quality paintball harness is an extremely important purchase! Not every paintball pod pack or paintball harness is ideally suited to every style of paintball, as some players require a paintball harness with tank pouch, while other players require a tournament style paintball harness with holding paintball pods securely while sliding, diving and running game after game. The Valken Online store offers Dye paintball harnesses, the Valken paintball harnesses like the Fate GFX pack, with new deals and low cost paintball pod belts and other cheap paintball gear added regularly! The best paintball harness is the one that most comfortably allows a player to carry extra paintball pods while allowing plenty of range of motion to twist, bend, squat, run, slide and dive without falling off or leaving a trail of dropped paintball pods all over the paintball field! A paintball player will quickly discover that simply buying a cheap paintball harness or paintball pod belt while focusing on the best paintball gun or the best price on a paintball facemask will quickly lead to frustration on the field! The new Valken online store can help any paintball player select the best paintball harness or paintball pack for their needs along with all kinds of paintball gear and paintball equipment for sale at the best prices! Whether as simple as a paintball pod belt for two paintball pods or a full featured paintball harness from Dye, Bunkerkings or Valken like a Valken Fate GFX paintball harness, the new Valken online store offers the best paintball gear like paintballs, the best paintball guns, affordable paintball gear, and low prices on paintball gear that isn’t simply cheap paintball gear for players on any budget! For the paintball player in search of the best paintball pack or an affordable paintball harness along with 140 round paintball pods or 100 round paintball pods and the best paintballs to fill them with, the new Valken online paintball store is the perfect place to learn about paintball gear and get the best deal! Play paintball with plenty of extra paintball pods comfortably and in style with a new paintball pod pack or the best paintball harness from Valken!