Valken V-MAX Plus+ SpeedFeed Paintball Loader Accessory

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Make loading and reloading your Valken V-Max Plus hopper quick and easy on and off the paintball field with the addition of a speed feed! The Valken V-Max Plus Speed Feed is a simple, easily-installed accessory allowing the user to reload their hopper without the wasted time and effort of flipping open their hopper lid – simply grab a pod, dump it into the hopper and get back to business! Soft gentle fingers ensure paintballs load easily but no paint spills back out. This paintball speed feed is available in various colors to accent any player’s loader!
  • V-Max Plus Hopper Speed Feed
  • Makes reloading faster and easier
  • Fingers ensure fast loading with no paint spillage
  • Simple installation
  • Various colors available
  • Specifications
  • Compatibility: Valken V-Max Plus
  • Available Colors: Black, Blue, Lime, Pink, Red, Tan, Yellow
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