A Parent's Guide to Airsoft

A Parent's Guide to Airsoft

Posted by Chris Seltz on 22nd Jul 2020

A Parent’s Introduction to Airsoft

By Chris Seltz

What Every Mom and Dad Needs to Know About Airsoft!

It’s happened - your son or daughter has discovered the joy of airsoft! What do you do now? Let’s talk you through getting the initial safety gear and equipment, and then the basic etiquette of the sport.

First and most important is safety: we want our players to come home from their day of airsoft with no injuries! For any player under the age of 18, full face protection is the minimum requirement for most airsoft fields. The best way to accomplish this is with a paintball-style airsoft mask that provides coverage from above the hairline to below the chin and from ear to ear. Gloves are recommended, and an optional upgrade is an airsoft plate carrier or airsoft tactical vest that will provide some protection for the chest, back and sides. These options are recommended if your young one is playing indoors where the players may be closer to one-another. A viable alternative for chest protection is a sweatshirt or thick t-shirt but when the facility is unairconditioned or in summer months outdoors, a sweatshirt might be a little too hot. As a parent myself I have chosen to go with a full mask for my son and he wears a youth laser cut plate carrier from Valken to protect that core when he rushes to the front!

Now that we are safe, what else does your young one need? How about an airsoft gun! There are numerous budget guns on the market, and most are great choices. The thing to remember when making your choice is to be prepared to spend between 100 to 250 on a quality airsoft gun. Most of the airsoft guns in this range are great workhorses, and will run for hundreds of thousands of bb’s with this caveat- these beginner airsoft guns are meant to be used to the manufacturer’s specifications, so don’t put super batteries in them or start upgrading: just take them out and enjoy as directed. Currently, my son is using the Valken ASL range as they come in at a reasonable price and have not let him down. These two factors are how I decide on most purchases for my son: don’t break the bank and it must keep working while being abused by an 11 year old. Luckily for the new player these guns come with a magazine, so the last part to source is a battery! Plain and simple: get whatever the seller recommends for that model!

Now that we’re safe and have our own equipment, the last step is to take our burgeoning little airsofter to the field! Some quick rules for taking your child to the field include: if they are under the age of 15 or 16, depending on your local field, you may be required to be present at the field while your child is playing. If older drop off is acceptable, it’s always a good idea to make contact with the field staff at least the first time your child visits the field: remember, their job is to educate you about this hobby and put you at ease about your child playing airsoft there.