The Best Paintball Starter Gear!

Build the Best Paintball Starter Kit

Build the Best Paintball Starter Kit

Posted by Joshua D. Silverman on 28th Jul 2023

Building the Best Paintball Starter Kit!

Valken Paintball Has the Best Affordable Paintball Gear for Beginners!

You’ve played your first game of paintball – maybe it was at a paintball birthday party or with a group of friends, or maybe your child has played paintball for the first time and now you’re hooked, and looking for beginner paintball gear! Valken offers the best beginner paintball gear in the game, with a complete line of affordable paintball equipment ready to outfit a new player with everything necessary to safely get into the game. A new paintball player ready to take that important step from using rental paintball gear to owning paintball equipment of their own will need several paintball gear essentials and Valken Paintball has it all! From a selection of beginner paintball guns with all the peripherals like paintball air tanks and paintball loaders to the most important piece of new paintball equipment, a safe, fog-free paintball mask and – of course, American-made quality paintballs, Valken Paintball is the ultimate one-stop shop for a complete paintball starter kit!

valken razorback starter paintball gun with loader and air tank in action

Valken MI-7 anti-fog paintball goggles in olive green

We here at Valken Paintball have said it before and we’ll say it again – the first piece of paintball gear every new player should own is a certified, safe, fog-free paintball mask! We know the adrenalin of paintball started to flow when you first wrapped your hands around that rental paintball gun, and trust us, we’ll get to the best paintball guns for beginners, but safety comes first! In addition, paintball is challenging enough when you’re running, crawling, and dodging all those paintballs without walking into trees or tripping over something because your cheap paintball goggles fogged up. So get the advantage on other paintball players with those fogged up goggles with a set of affordable paintball goggles from Valken with a thermal anti-fog lens! A thermal lens paintball goggle will prevent fogging and allow you to safely see the game in front of you! Valken offers the MI-7 paintball goggle in various colors and camo patterns and this goggle safely protects not only the eyes, but also the face, ears and forehead as well, all at an unbeatable price!

ow that we have fog-free safety out of the way, we can finally talk about the exciting part – an affordable beginner paintball gun! Rather than simply sell a cheap paintball gun, Valken offers various affordable paintball guns for beginners that offer both performance and style, whether a player wants to head into tactical paintball or gear up with bright colored equipment and head towards the competitive paintball scene! If budget is the driving factor, the affordable, colorful Valken Razorback paintball gun is a great choice that delivers plenty of great standard features at an unbeatable price. New paintball players looking to build a rugged, reliable paintball gun setup ready for tactical play in the woods can select the time-tested, quality Valken Blackhawk paintball gun, complete with its picatinny sight rails, vertical fore-grip and plenty of tactical upgrades! Both are semi-automatic paintball guns that can fire as fast as the trigger is pulled and need only a paintball air tank and a simple paintball hopper to get on the field!

A new paintball gun by itself isn’t all that’s required to get a new player onto the field, as anyone new to the game of paintball who just used rental equipment at the local paintball field already knows! That paintball gun needs to be fed paintballs by a paintball hopper and needs a paintball air tank to get those paintballs down the barrel and towards the other team! Here, also, Valken has all the best paintball equipment for a new player, like the Valken Max+ 200 round paintball loader and the Valken 48 cubic inch, 3000psi paintball air tank! A simple flip-lid paintball hopper, the Max+ costs only a few dollars and fits easily into the feed neck of either the Valken Razorback or the Valken Blackhawk paintball guns, holds 200 68 caliber paintballs and is quick and easy to reload with its flip lid. Then there’s the air power, and the affordable Valken 2023 48/3000 paintball air tank is a safe, regulated air tank that the user simply fills at the local paintball park with compressed air, which delivers more consistent, reliable performance than a paintball CO2 tank shot after shot!

paintball players in the woods wearing red and blue valken paintball gear

With the face protected with safe paintball goggles, plus a new paintball gun with an air tank and hopper, a new paintball player can get everything they need to build an affordable, quality paintball starter kit right here at Valken Paintball! Players can also shop paintball accessories like a paintball harness and paintball pods used to carry extra paintballs onto the field, paintball upgrades like longer barrels and high-tech paintball gun parts and even paintball clothing like paintball jerseys and paintball pants! Valken has it all to get a new paintball player into the game safely and affordably, with plenty of money left over for paintballs – Whatever it Takes!