MagFed Paintball Gun Buyer's Guide

MagFed Paintball Gun Buyer's Guide

Posted by Josh Silverman on 14th Dec 2020

MagFed Paintball Gun Buyer's Guide

While some paintball players begin their paintball journey and are drawn towards the intense, athletic world of tournament and competition paintball, others take one look at a magazine fed paintball gun and a tactical loadout and immediately realize that’s the kind of paintball they’re looking for! As magfed paintball continues to grow, attracting more paintball players all the time thanks to the game’s mix of tactical, squad-based action and the ability to play the game while using much fewer paintballs than hopper-fed paintball, plus all that amazing magfed paintball gear, players looking to gear up for magfed are faced with a daunting decision – which magfed paintball gun is right for me? The choices in magfed paintball are better than ever with something for everyone, with something for every budget! Let Valken help you select the best magfed paintball gun!

Valken M17

It may have an entry-level price, but don’t mistake the magfed Valken M17 for a cheap paintball gun! The M17 is a mag-fed paintball gun with the features and performance to go into battle with any magfed tactical paintball player and win! Capable of semi-automatic and fully-automatic firing unlike many magfed paintball guns, the .68 caliber Valken M17 is long on firepower and offers a look fans of the M4 carbine will immediately recognize. Powered by compressed air, the Valken M17 is fed by 18 round box magazines and is capable of firing either standard, round .68 caliber paintballs or First Strike rounds for players who want the added advantage of long range, laser-like accuracy. Plenty of sight and accessory rails are standard on the M17 allowing for the mounting of foregrips, sights, scopes, lasers and just about anything else a player could ever need (or want), and accessories like upgrade stocks, remote setups to move the bottle off the back of the paintball gun and other options are available from Valken to allow any player to upgrade their M17 magfed from its basic configuration into a rugged, performance weapon that will help them capture any objective! Affordable yet packed with features and offering impressive performance, the Valken M17 is a magfed paintball gun that makes jumping into the magfed format affordable, that can grow with the player into an impressive magfed paint-slinging machine!

Valken M17 MagFed Paintball Gun

Eclipse EMF100

Rapidly becoming the talk of the magazine fed paintball world, the Eclipse EMF100 magfed paintball gun is rapidly earning a fearsome reputation as an outstanding option for magfed players thanks to its mix of versatility, reliability, simplicity and performance! Built around the proven Eclipse Gamme Core spool valve operating system that operates at low pressure and is gentler on paintballs than many other firing systems, the Eclipse EMF100 magfed paintball gun is lightweight, thanks to its glass reinforced nylon outer shell and boasts a long list of available accessories and upgrades that allow a player to build their ideal magfed loadout. Whether a player wants to build a compact magfed carbine for close quarters battle or reach out and touch opponents at long range with First Strike rounds and a rifle scope, the EMF100 can be built to deliver devastating performance. Furthermore, while many other magfed paintball guns require the user to power up with a small air bottle run directly out the back of the rifle like a shoulder stock (or IN a shoulder stock), the EMF100 offers a bottom line bottle configuration allowing shooters to use larger tanks if they so-desire, while also enabling the shooter to get their face behind the paintball gun while wearing a mask, making accurate shooting with a scope or sight that much easier and shouldering the paintball gun much more comfortable. Able to shoot both .68 caliber round paintballs or First Strike rounds, powered by compressed air, accepting Autococker-threaded barrels and feeding from Dye DAM or new Eclipse magazines, the Planet Eclipse EMF100 is an outstanding option for any magfed paintball player!

Eclipse EMF100 MagFed Paintball Gun

First Strike T15

If a high-tech, high-performance tactical magfed paintball carbine sounds like your weapon of choice, the .68 caliber First Strike T15 magfed paintball gun is a great choice with several options and variants available! While the standard First Strike T15 paintball gun is a great magfed rifle that looks and handles very much like a modern AR tactical rifle or M4 carbine, offering accurate, consistent performance with plenty of upgrade paths to build a custom magfed fighting machine, First Strike also offers the basic T15 paintball gun in various configurations straight from the factory, like the shorter and more compact First Strike PDW and the ultra-compact First Strike CQB, along with more long-range oriented versions like the semi-automatic DMR (Designated Marksman Rifle), or the bolt action First Strike Scout, for the ultimate paintball sniper rifle! Players looking to build a long-range, First Strike shooting, paintball sniper rifle should seriously consider the First Strike Scout, as with just a few upgrades, the rifle will be capable of devastating single-shot accuracy at long range! First Strike offers plenty of magazine options for the First Strike T15 magfed paintball gun line, like shorter lower capacity magazines for paintball snipers and sharpshooters looking to run their paintball guns on bipods, and 20 and even 30 round magazines for players looking to get into the action and rock and roll! Versatile, reliable and available in various configurations to suit any serious magfed operator, the First Strike T15 is a serious piece of magfed paintball hardware!

First Strike T15 MagFed Paintball Gun