Valken ASL Mod-M Airsoft Gun Review

Valken ASL Mod-M Airsoft Gun Review

Posted by Joshua Silverman on 2nd Sep 2021

Valken ASL Mod-M Airsoft Gun Review

The Best Airsoft Starter Gun!

Airsoft guns are amazing pieces of high-tech machinery that have evolved to deliver airsoft BB’s at high rates of fire with reliable and consistent performance! However, for players new to airsoft, deciding what new airsoft gun to begin their airsoft adventure with can be daunting! From price to features and all those abbreviations and numbers, anyone new to airsoft might be overwhelmed when it’s time to pick an airsoft starter gun! Let Valken make it easy! The Valken ASL MOD-M AEG is the best airsoft starter gun there is!

Features & Price!

An airsoft starter gun has to do it all, and do it well, at a price that makes airsoft affordable and the shooter able to hold their own in the heat of battle! The Valken MOD-M airsoft gun offers reliable, consistent performance, a long list of standard features, the tactical look and handling of a modern M4 carbine, and does it all at a price anyone ready to jump into airsoft can afford! At its price, there’s simply no other airsoft AEG electric rifle that can deliver the combination of performance, features and a clear and simple path for upgrades that the Valken ASL MOD-M brings to the table!

Speaking of features, the Valken ASL Mod-M airsoft gun has a lot of them right out of the box! The Mod-M AEG is standard with M4-style controls right where they should be, along with ambidextrous fire controls and magazine release allowing left or right-handed users to get right into the action. 18-1 ratio metal gears within the unit help ensure performance and reliability, and the rifle is equipped with an adjustable, six-position stock to create the perfect length for any size or age of shooter! High-viz front and rear iron sights are included with the ASL Mod-M, but a red dot sight or scope can be easily added as the flat top receiver features a picatinny sight rail! A nine-inch quad rail surrounds the airsoft gun’s 310mm barrel, allowing the owner to easily upgrade their Mod-M with lasers, lights, foregrips or other accessories, and the barrel length makes the rifle able to handle mid and long-range engagements with accurate fire and tight shot groups. The Mod-M delivers airsoft BB’s to the target in semi-automatic or fully-automatic modes at approximately 345feet per second, and a a 300 round Valken hi-cap M4-style airsoft magazine is delivered standard with the Mod-M, providing plenty of shots.

Valken Airsoft guns

Valken Mod-M AEG Airsoft Gun

Mod-M Must-Haves!

Just because the Valken ASL MOD-M AEG is the best starter gun in airsoft doesn’t mean there aren’t a few peripherals a player will need in order to charge into battle with their new airsoft gun! As an electric airsoft gun, the Mod-M needs an airsoft battery to provide electric power to sling airsoft bb’s at the bad guys, and a charger to get that battery up to power! Valken recommends a Lipo 7.4v airsoft battery with a small Tamiya connector, and a Valken 2-3 cell Li-Ion digital display smart charger to juice it up! Just as important is a lithium battery charging safety sack, as this will help ensure safe charging and recharging of the battery, and safety is the most important thing in the world! A new airsoft shooter may also wish to consider other items to get started like a pack of extra airsoft gun magazines for fast reloads on the field, a Valken soft gun case to transport their airsoft gun back and forth to the field in, and if they haven’t already, a safe set of airsoft goggles and an airsoft mesh mask!

Valken Airsoft guns

Upgrade your Mod-M!

When it’s time to build the Vlaken ASL Mod-M airsoft gun from a great entry-level airsoft gun to a mission-ready loadout capable of defeating any enemy, Valken offers a wide range of airsoft gear and upgrades to help build the ultimate Mod-M! Players looking to engage at relatively close range can add a Valken red dot sight for fast target acquisition, while shooters roving across outdoor terrain to pick off enemies at long range can add a Valken 1-4x20 variable zoom scope for the ultimate in pinpoint accuracy! A Valken single point sling will make those long walks back and forth from the staging area much easier, and a vertical foregrip will make handling the Mod-M with the off-hand much more stable. As the Valken Mod-M’s barrel is threaded, serious shooters can even remove the birdcage tip and swap in an airsoft tracer unit, if they’d like!

The Best Starter Airsoft Gun!

Simple, reliable, rugged, packed with features and affordable, the Valken ASL MOD-M AEG airsoft gun is the best airsoft starter gun in the airsoft world! Thanks to its solid performance, adding just a few upgrades and modifications can even enable it to punch above its weight and compete with airsoft rifles and carbines costing hundreds more, allowing it to grow with the new airsoft player as they learn the airsoft world!