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Eclipse PWR Inserts for Eclipse S63 Pro paintball barrel kit. Color-coded for quick identification, these aftermarket paintball gun barrel inserts for the Eclipse S63 paintball gun barrel are 8.5 inches in length for optimum accuracy, allow an Eclipse S63 Pro barrel owner to quickly and easily match their paintball barrel bore size to whatever paintballs are being used regardless of brand or weather conditions, for optimum accuracy and consistency, and are manufactured from anodized aluminum. S63 back and front sold separately - not included.

New from Planet Eclipse, makers of such amazing paintball guns as the LV2 and the Eclipse Geo4, plus the Etha3M, Eclipse Etha3 and the outstanding Eclipse EMek, the Eclipse S63 paintball barrel kit has been developed to deliver the ultimate mix of looks, accuracy and versatility in paintball barrel technology! Available to fit any paintball gun accepting Autococker threaded aftermarket paintball barrels, the three-piece Eclipse S63 Pro barrel kit combines porting with multiple sized and color-coded inserts to create a 14.5 inch assembled barrel able to accurately shoot practically any brand of paintballs with devastating accuracy! When your shots absolutely, positively have to hit the target, and that target is usually shooting back at you, choose the new Eclipse S63 Pro Barrel kit!
The S63 Pro is the most advanced Planet Eclipse barrel system yet! Introducing the Brand New Eclipse PWR Inserts and 3-piece construction, the S63 Pro offers exceptional shot consistency and accuracy and combines it with aggressive styling, muffled sound signature, and class-leading flexibility and options.
S63 Pro. Exceptional shot consistency. More control. More precision. More options.
Customize your barrel system. The S63 Pro Barrel System construction comprises of 3 main elements: At the front is a 14.5" precision engineered tip for exceptional accuracy, ported for a reduced sound signature and micro honed for the most consistent shot possible. Next, the New PWR Bore Control Inserts, available in a huge range of bore sizes to accommodate varying paint sizes and qualities, help reduce breakages in the barrel and loading fractures with its heavily chamfered breech-end opening. Internally it is micro-honed and polished to the highest standard and combines with its 8.5" control length to produce optimum efficiency and consistency on any marker, and colour-coded for quick identification. Finally, to give the player ultimate control, the S63 Pro incorporates a tactile back section with a replaceable rubber sleeve which can be colour-coded to match your marker, PWR Insert viewing ports, and Autococker Quick Thread to make barrel insertion and removal, as well as PWR Insert swap outs, as quick and painless as possible. The rear section is also compatible with the PWR Rifled insert TruLoc system for the ultimate in barrel system flexibility.
  • Construction: Anodized aluminum
  • Insert Length: 8.5in
  • Compatibility: Eclipse S63 Pro Barrel kit ONLY
  • Eclipse PWR Inserts for Eclipse S63 Pro paintball barrel kit
  • Available Eclipse PWR Insert sizes: 0.677, 0.681, 0.685, 0.689, 0.693
  • Micro honed and polished
  • Precision insert engagement for perfect alignment
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