GelBlaster Gellet Depot



The GelBlaster Gellet Depot is the ultimate solution for growing and dispensing GelBlaster Gellets for gelly ball fun! A collapsible and expandable bucket able to hold a gallon of water to fully hydrate and grow 10,000 gellets for plenty of Gel Blaster fun, the Gellet Depot also provides a clean and quick way to strain away excess water and then load up Gelblaster Surge hoppers with jelly ball ammo when it's time to play!

Gellet® Depot acts as your home base for reloading and jumping back into the battle. Gellets® last indefinitely when dehydrated, and up to three months when submerged in water. Gel Blaster Gellets expand 10x their size when fully hydrated. When you're ready to play, use the built in strainer to remove excess water and you're back in the action!
Fully expanded, it measures at 8 inches in height and 10.5 inches in width and shrinks down to 2 inches in height when collapsed for easy storage. This 1.5 Gallon bucket holds 10,000+ Gellets. Gellets last indefinitely when dehydrated, and up to three months when submerged in water.

Features a built-in strainer to drain excess water without losing Gellets in the process. Includes lid and carry handle so you can easily bring your Gellet ammunition with you on the go, or store Gellets for later game play.
  • The BEST way to grow, contain and dispense Gelblaster Gellets and Gel Ammo!
  • Holds 10, 000+ Gellets
  • Built in Water Strainer
  • Built-in Gellet Speed Loader
  • Lid & Carry Handle
  • Collapsible



  • Capacity: 10, 000 gellets
  • Volume: 1 Gallon
  • Dimensions Collapsed: Width 10.5in, Height 2in
  • Dimensions Flat: Width 10.5in, Height 8in

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