GoG eNMEy Pro Paintball Marker



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The GOG eNMEy paintball marker is one of paintball’s best values, and the GOG eNMEy Pro takes this proven platform and adds features to make it a tournament competitor! The .68 caliber GOG eNMEy Pro paintball marker combines durable construction, all-pneumatic mechanical performance that will never need a battery and impressive efficiency into an affordable, lightweight package, upgraded for improved performance with a linear Freak multi-piece barrel system for improved accuracy out of the box, a metal, adjustable clamping feed neck, an on/off air bottle adapter and a next generation operating core able to be removed for maintenance without tools! Standard with a regulator and a great trigger pull, the GOG eNMEy Pro marker is simple to maintain, affordable and upgraded to an elevated level of performance for serious paintball!
  • Caliber: .68 caliber
  • Action: Mechanical semi-automatic
  • Power: CO2 or High Pressure Air compatible
  • Lightweight,low-pressure and accurate .68 caliber paintball marker!
  • Standard with a pressure regulator and ported aluminum barrel
  • Upgraded with a metal clamping feed neck
  • Upgraded with an on/off air bottle adapter
  • Upgraded with a multi-piece FREAK barrel
  • Efficient,rugged and affordable!

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