GoG Freak Paintball Barrel Back



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Few pieces of paintball equipment become legend, and even fewer do so that aren’t paintball guns, but the Freak barrel has done it! Long the standard by which paintball gun barrels and paintball barrel kits are judged, the GOG Freak barrel allows a player to perfectly size their barrel to any paintballs for amazing accuracy! The GoG Freak barrel back is literally the backbone of the Freak barrel system: various-sized Freak inserts are installed based on the size of the paintballs used, and the Freak barrel front is threaded on, creating an accurate, quiet paintball gun barrel that has won tournaments and world titles season after season! Available in threads to fit any Autococker, A5 or Luxe-threaded paintball gun, the GOG Freak Barrel back is the place to start when building an accurate paintball gun!
  • Main part of the GOG Freak paintball gun barrel system
  • Available threaded compatible with Autococker or A5 threaded paintball guns
  • Accepts GOG Freak inserts
  • Accepts GOG Freak barrel fronts

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