Valken M17 Tech Parts Kit


Tech parts kit for the Valken M17 magfed paintball gun - contains all the necessary screws, seals & critical parts required to ensure the proper function of the M17 paintball gun!
  • Kit contains:
  • Reg O-Ring [14x1.8] x 5
  • HC Reg O-Ring [18x1.5] x 10*
  • AC to Reg O-Ring [18x2] x 10**
  • AC Cap O-Ring [8x1] x10
  • Barrel O-Ring [15x1.5] x 10
  • Valve Stem O-Ring x 10
  • Bolt Bumper x 10
  • Bolt Screw [M4 Nylock nut] x 10***
  • Ball Detent x 10
  • Small Set Screw [4x3] x 10
  • Body Screws [5x8] x 10
  • Shroud Screws [5x10] x10
  • Side Port Cover Screw [4x10] x 10
  • Cotter Pin x 10
  • Steel HC Pins x 5
  • Smooth Conical Firing Pin x 5***
  • Core Spacer x 10***
  • Reg Shim x 5
  • Velocity Adj Screw [6x10]
  • Selector Switch Spring + Ball Bearing x 5
  • M5 Washer x 10
  • PRV Rubber Piston x 10
    • All the critical parts,seals,pins & screws to properly maintain the Valken M17 paintball gun
    • Keep any Valken M17 paintball gun up and running,and shooting its best with this M17 tech parts kit!
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