Valken Pepper Paintball Launcher



The Valken Pepper Paintball Launcher provides potent, reliable and versatile less-than-lethal capability for various riot, compliance or defensive applications! A semi-automatic launcher able to fire as fast as the trigger is pulled and chambered in hard-hitting .68 caliber or lightweight & affordable .50 caliber, the Valken Pepper Paintball Launcher is capable of deploying various types of projectiles to suit any mission specification or situational requirement, from pepper ammo and marking paintballs to chalk balls and hard rubber rounds. Powered by compressed air for all-weather capability and accurate, consistent velocity and fed from a 200 round, motorized hopper to prevent jams and provide high capacity for extended situational deployment without reloading, the Valken Pepper Paintball Launcher is equipped with a single-point sling for easy transport and allows for quick transition to other offensive or defensive options that keep the launcher close to the user. Simple to maintain, affordable enough for any agency or individual and upgradeable with sights, shoulder stocks, higher-capacity air tanks and longer barrels to adapt and tailor to any requirement, the Valken Pepper Paintball Launcher can be built to any agency's request and provides a powerful, adaptable less-than-lethal option in a volatile and challenging world.


  • Semi-automatic, turn-key, less-than-lethal launcher for defense, riot or compliance applications
  • Capable of firing as fast as the trigger can be pulled
  • Motorized 200 round loader for jam-free high capacity without reloading and large event capability (.68 caliber version)
  • Powered by refillable compressed air tank for all-weather performance
  • Capable of firing a variety of .68 caliber projectiles including paintballs, pepper ammo, hard rubber rounds & more to fill any home defense or agency need
  • .50 caliber version also available!
  • Upgradable for improved accuracy with barrels, sights, shoulder stocks, higher capacity air tanks, etc
  • Standard single-point sling to keep hands free or quick-transition to other equipment
  • HK-style sights on a flat-top rail for quick target acquisition allowing upgrade to red dot sights or scopes



  • Action: Semi-Automatic
  • Caliber: .68 round projectiles or .50 caliber round projectiles (separate model)
  • Power Source: 13cubic inch Refillable Compressed Air Cylinder
  • Capacity: 200 round motorized hopper with flip-lid
  • Muzzle Velocity: Adjustable from 280-350feet per second
  • Weight: Approx 8 pounds


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