Warranty terms & conditions



Third-party product sold by Valken shall be subject to the applicable third-party manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions. Warranty terms and conditions for Valken branded products are set forth in the Customer Purchase Agreement, with the exception that the following products will be free from defects in materials or workmanship for period as follows from the ship date:


Valken Branded Product                         Warranty Period from Ship Date

Soft Goods and Clothing                                                30 days

Markers                                                                          90 days

Gotcha & Valken Infinity Pistols           30 days

Airsoft guns                                                                    90 days

Airguns                                                                           90 days

Marker Parts and Accessories                                       30 days

Airsoft Parts and Accessories                                        30 days

Air Systems                                                                    60 days

Optics                                                                             60 days

Paintballs, Airsoft and Airgun Ammo                               7 days

Consumable items (Green Gas, Disposable CO2, etc)  7 days

Batteries                                                                        30 days

Electronic Items                                                             30 days

Airsoft Eye Protection                                                    60 days

Paintball Goggles & Lenses                                          60 days


These Warranty Terms and Conditions were last revised on July 25, 2022.

** PLEASE NOTE - While Valken proudly stands behind all products manufactured by the company and will gladly make every effort to ensure each and every customer is satisfied in any warranty, repair or service situation, legacy items no longer in current manufacture by Valken Sports will be handled on a case-by-case basis as replacement parts remain available. Valken Sports reserves the right to refuse warranty service on any item no longer in current manufacture.