Valken Paintball Barrels

A paintball gun barrel is one of the most important paintball gun accessories a player will own! An aftermarket paintball gun barrel or paintball barrel kit will instantly improve the performance of any paintball gun, as improvements in accuracy, range, efficiency and sound will immediately be seen on the field. Valken’s complete selection of paintball gun barrels from brands like Freak, Planet Eclipse, Dye and J&J ensures every player, from a tactical paintball operator to a tournament athlete, can select the ideal paintball barrel for their needs and make every shot count!


Best Paintball Barrels and Paintball Barrel Kits 
A paintball gun barrel is an essential upgrade for almost any paintball gun that will immediately improve accuracy, velocity consistency and reduce the sound of the firing paintball gun! Paintball gun barrels have been an item paintball players have upgraded and worked to improve since the earliest days of the game, and have now evolved to include everything from cheap paintball barrels and affordable paintball gun barrels to complete paintball barrel kits that allow a paintball player to accurately size their paintball barrel directly to the paintballs they will shoot, for the ultimate in accuracy, consistency and performance in any weather conditions! An essential part of any serious player’s paintball gear bag, the new Valken online store offers a paintball barrel or paintball barrel kit for almost every paintball gun, to fit in almost any paintball player’s budget! Valken offers paintball gun barrels for sale in sizes like a 14 inch paintball barrel or a 16 inch paintball barrel for long range accuracy, plus paintball gun barrel kits like the Freak barrel kit and Field 1 Acculock barrel kit, plus J&J paintball barrels, carbon fiber paintball gun barrels, HK Army paintball gun barrels and the legendary Dye barrel in various lengths, bore sizes and even colors to suit any player’s preference. Paintball barrels are commonly made from aluminum and honed to a brilliant internal finish to reduce the friction each paintball experiences as it is fired down the length of the paintball barrel, with holes drilled into the paintball barrel called porting, which reduces air turbulence and noticeably reduces the sound of a paintball gun when it fires. A paintball barrel is a performance upgrade that instantly makes a paintball gun more accurate, and whether a player is in search of an Autococker paintball barrel, a Tippmann paintball barrel, a Spyder paintball barrel or a rifled M17 paintball gun barrel, Valken offers a paintball barrel or paintball barrel kit at the best price online, along with a paintball barrel cover to keep everyone safe! The best paintball barrel is the paintball barrel that not only improves accuracy, but reduces noise while shooting and is long enough to allow a player to keep shot groups tight at all ranges with quality paintballs, while allowing a player to press their paintball gun through brush or log bunkers to shoot or lean into an inflatable paintball bunker and shoot with less of their body exposed to opponents. The Valken online store offers paintball equipment for sale to suit woodsball, speedball or tactical paintball, with paintball barrels available from cheap barrels to pro-level paintball barrel kits from the best brands in paintball! From affordable, low cost paintball barrels to the best paintball barrel kit in the game along with a paintball barrel buying guide to help even new players learn the facts and make the best decision, the new Valken online paintball store offers the best paintball gear online like paintball barrels, paintball barrel covers, paintball barrel sleeves, and of course the best paintballs to shoot through those barrels, all at the best prices available online!